Laptop Buying Guide 2023: Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Laptop (An Expert Guide)


You are looking for a laptop? Laptop Buying Guide

Buy a laptop? Which laptop buy i3, i5, i7? How much GB laptop to buy? 2GB, 4GB, 8GB . Which OS will take? Windows or Mac or Does. Will go to buy the first laptop in your Life more than millions of question in your mind.

Don’t Worry Tell you in this article all the answers in your question ( Laptop Buying Guide fully research all over the world how to choose Best Laptop).

“Best Laptop” No one will be able to answer this question. Which laptop is not the best in this world? Different people definitely Use (requirement). According to your requirement, it is the Best laptop for you, but it may not be the best for others. So according to you have to choose the Best Laptop for your requirements.

Every day, launch a new laptop. So I have not told you particularly this company of laptop is Best for you, but I say to Laptop Buying Guide. So that you will know how to choose, by this, you don’t have to ask anyone else. Pleases help me to choose the Best Laptop.

Laptop Buying Guide

How to use your laptop

Laptop Use 3 Types:

  1. Light Use
  2. Medium Use
  3. Heavy and Demanding

Light Use: Simple use every day like Browsing web, Gmail, social media, and watching movies. Normal use.

Medium Use: these types of laptop work, surfing the web, editing documents and photos, and basic gaming. This laptop best for Students or professionals. Your work research or medium work, then you choose these types of laptops.

Heavy and Demanding: your work professional such as heavy programming, Video Editing, Graphic design, content creation, specialized applications like Photoshop, AutoCAD, illustrator, and MATLAB. Then choose these types of laptops.


Laptop Performance

Performance a major role play to use the laptop. Your laptop performance in bed then millions of problems on your laptop. Such as- laptop hang, don’t work properly, and or many types’ problems face it.

Performance you don’t get one thing to decide, its get a lot of things together then you get Performance.

Performance = Processor + RAM + Internal storage + Battery + Graphics card

Laptop performance is based on 5 main things

  1. Processor
  2. RAM
  3. Internal storage
  4. Battery
  5. Graphics card



The processor is like a computer brain. Every people a very important part of the brain and very useful. Such as the computer brain Processor, the same way Processor very powerful and control entire computer parts.

A More powerful processor gives better performance and faster.

Its processor’s work is to receive input and provide proper output. Although it may seem like a simple task, new modern processors can count trillions per second.

Processor Types

The laptop processor is made by two company AMD and Intel.

AMD– this processor is best for a low budget laptop. If you buy a laptop and your budget is under 20,000, then prefect for your AMD processor laptopAMD series of the processor has A, FX, and Ryzen.

Intel – Intel processor more powerful and very popular processor in the world. Your budget over 20,000, then you defiantly buy an Intel processor laptopIntel made by series Pentium, Celeron, and Core i3, i5, i7.




RAM full form is Random Access Memory.

Random Access Memory or RAM is from data storage that can be accessed randomly at any time, in any under and from any physical location allowing quick access and manipulation.

RAM allows them the application, software to be running smoothly.

How Much RAM Do You Need?

How much ram do I need laptop?

All question answer is your requirement. Depend on your work like Photo Editing using Photoshop, Graphics Design, and heavy Game and software using, then you at last use 16/32GB RAM. Or it’s your work such as browsing, social media, and watching movies, then you at last use 4/8GB RAM.

It depends on your work and your Software requirement.

Pro Tips : Which Software you using check the official website that Software how much RAM requirement, then you will know how much RAM your requirement.

If you are using light laptop at last, use 4GB RAM, and you are using Medium Laptop, at last, using 8GB RAM, and you using a Heavy laptop at last 16GB or use above 16GB RAM.

RAM Types :

RAM is still now two types available.

  1. DDR3
  2. DDR4

DDR 3: this type of laptop slow and power more consumes, and its DDR 3 is old model RAM.

DDR4: its type’s laptop faster, efficient power consumption. Till now, this DDR4 laptop is best.

(you can buy DDR 4 Laptop its best for you)

Pro Tips :  We recommend at last using 8GB RAM today’s life. However, if you plan Gaming or Photoshop, AutoCAD, and more, you should look at the last 16GB RAM.

Storage :


Laptop Buying Guide

Storage means where your operating system, media, and Documents are lives. Usually, storage is three types:

  1. HHD- Hard Disk Drive
  2. SSD- Solid State Drive
  3. SSHD – Solid State Hybrid Drive

HHD– This is a mechanical hard disk .its type of storage that gives you a lot of capacity on a budget.

HHD hard disk drives are too slow because it has mobbing parts that spin to need data.

SSD– A SSD (Solid – State Drive) is a type of drive that is Good performance and faster but comes at a higher price.

You use SSDs as your windrows start in less than 5 seconds. High-speed processing. 

You are using SSD (Solid – State Drive) then programs will run faster. Your work high, professional, then you use SSD but also more expensive.

SSHD– This drive name Solid-State Hybrid Drive. People sometimes called SSHD. SSHD is a mix of the HHD and SSD hard disk.

So you will not only get larger storage space but everything loads faster.


battery laptop

The battery is what keeps your laptop on even when its power is not given. It’s measured in Watt-Hour (WHr). More WHr= more battery life.

The Brightness of the screen, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity type things, and even the load on your CPU will impact battery life. Video playback, heavy video editing, and gaming can all speed up battery drain equally.

Your battery is bigger, which means your laptop is also very heavy.

Graphics Card:

Graphics Card

The graphic card is a dedicated chip inside your laptop, which is responsible for the quality of the visuals you see on your screen.
Most modern games and some software (like photo and video editing, software design, software, and games) require a dedicated graphics card to faction smoothly.
RAM the more the GBs in your graphic card, then function smoothly your games will run, even smoothly play full HD or 4K resolution videos.

Integrated vs. Dedicated Graphics Card


Integrated means this type of graphics card comes with a laptop. Integrated-Graphics card use normally works, such as watching movies or browsing on does very light work.

Intel processors have an integrated graphics chip that is sufficient for normally use.


A dedicated Graphics card is more powerful than integrated graphics cards. Your work heavy gaming or photo and video editing then required a dedicated graphics card.

AMD and Nvidia are the two most popular companies making dedicated graphics cards.


display laptop

You are looking for beast Display according to your work requirement; then, you need to decide the right screen size and Best resolution for your uses.

Screen Size

Screen Size

Screens come in many sizes; all are measured diagonally. The most common screen size is 15.6 inches.

A larger size Display for best gaming, watching movies, photo, or video editing. A big size Display does not easier to carry anywhere, but the smaller screen size is lighter and easier to carry anywhere.

Remember the larger screen size, make the laptop heavier. Because all the glass goes into a display, it has ade durable and hence, the added weight.

Display Resolution

Screen resolution is measured as the pixel count and is maintained in horizontal & vertical pixel counts.

The most common resolutions are HD or HD ready, Full HD or 1080p, Ultra HD, and 4K.

HD or HD ready: This type’s display available in entry-level and Best Budget laptops. HD or HD ready display has a 1366 x 768-pixel count

These laptops are best for Watch movies, basic Graphics games, or working on documents. In this way, laptops get you a low price.

HD or 1080p: This type’s display available on High-end laptops. This display has 1920 x, 1080 pixel count, & double the pixels and clarity vs. HD screens.

These laptops are best for the sharper visual experience to enjoy HD movies or graphic-rich games. In this way, laptops get you a middle arrange a price.

Ultra HD and 4K: This type’s laptops are very expensive laptop. Ultra HD and 4K display have 1920 x 1080 pixels; it has four times the resolution of Full HD, and people also called 4K.

These types of display you can use for high-resolution video editing, watching 4K videos or graphic-intensive gaming.

If you have a professional, then you should buy to see this thing Resolution, Touch or Non-Touch, Brightness, Color Quality: Wide Gamut, IPS and OLED, and High Refresh Rate, G-Sync for Gaming.

Screen Types:

IPS (In-plane switching) Vs. Non- IPS (in-plane switching)

You are looking for the best visual experience or great looking colors, and viewing angles then choose an IPS display laptop.

If you are on a budget low, then you can go for a not IPS Display laptop.

Your work for watching movies or browsing or some document work, then you can go for non-IPS display because there’s no need. Or your work such as heavy editing (Photoshop, video), Graphics designs, or software work, then you will defiantly go for IPS display Laptop because you need it.

Refresh Rate

The Refresh rate is the number of times one image changes per second on a laptop screen. If the refresh rate is low, then your screen cannot keep up with the high-speed graphics of gaming or graphics works like editing.

Your work for gamming on graphic work then a higher refresh rate laptop is recommended.

Touch screen

Touch screen display normally screen in 2-in 1 laptop.

The touch screen display enables editing the stylus directly on the screen or screen scrolling, zooming, and other such controls with your fingertips.

These types of laptops come to very experience Prices.

Operating System

Operating System


An operating system (OS) works between computer hardware and users.

You have to run the computer; you have to turn on the program, if you want to run the software, then you must have at least one OS to run. You cannot run the computer without the operating system (OS).

OS helps you to communicate with computer language without you knowing the computer language

It is impossible to run a laptop or mobile without an operating system (OS). There is a lot of operating systems (OS). I am giving him a list of the most famous operating systems (OS).

  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Chrome OS
  • Linux
  • DOS

Windows: Windows operating system (OS) laptop you will see on many computers. It’s the most common use of OS this OS is very popular in this world.

Mac OS: This operating system, you have found on Apple laptops Apple does the software, hardware, and design of the laptop itself. The operating system is very popular. And very secure security.

This is a laptop providing smooth performance.

Chrome OS: Work on Chromebook. While there are some offline apps, the high-quality intranet needs to work effectively as it is primarily cloud-based. Any software to be installed required being compatible with Chrome OS

Linux OS: Linux open-source operating system. Linux OS normal people do not use, used by programmers.

DOS: The most basic operating system, however, will not work on any other software drive. The user needs to install Linux or Windows according to his requirements.

Your work standard medium then you choose windows or Mac as per your budget but you recruitment Linux or chrome OS then you defiantly used.

Ports and Connectivity

Ports and Connectivity

You have to install an even more external drive on your laptop. You need these to connect with the mouse, pen drive, external hard disk, headphones, TV, projector, charge your mobile, and more. So, therefore, it is very much needed.


Basic Laptop: Basic laptops have a traditional type of design. A screen that folds down onto a mouse pad and keyboard. Basic laptop for every day and lightweight use. This laptop normal design. These are low prices, and most people use them. 

Thin and Light Weight laptop : 

These are display size of 14 inches or lower and weight below 1.8 kg. Its laptop is looking so beautiful. On this laptop, you will see slim, touch screen, portable, and lightweight.

Thin and lightweight laptops are generally more expensive than basic or business laptop.




Bezel means a black plastic border that surrounds the display on your laptop. The Bezel is a less new trend (Similar to bezel-less smartphones) that allows laptop manufacturers to give you a large display without increasing body size.

Your laptop bezel big than not looking good. but they protect your screen from accidental damage.

FAQs About Laptop Buying Guide

1. What are the specifications of a good laptop?

A Good laptop total depends on your requirement and your work.
Your work Light use than choose a basic laptop. You can check here provide full list Click Here.
Your work medium use than choose a medium laptop. You can check here provide full list Click Here.
Your work Heavy and Demanding use than choose a basic laptop. You can check here provide full list Click Here.

2. What are the specifications of a good laptop 2023?

“Best Laptop” No one will be able to answer this question. Which laptop is not the best in this world? Different people Use Different (requirement) according to you, which is the best laptop that can work for you.
You work like gamming, than you can buy Best Gaming Laptop. Your work like normal than you choose a normal entry-level laptop.

3. What should we check before buying a laptop?

You check laptop Performance, Display, Operating System, Ports, and Connectivity Design. This answer tells you the full article. Read the full article then you find your answer.

4. What is the best laptop brand?

Do not look at the brand; you will see whether you will work on that laptop or not. You see what the specification provides you and work or not. You can see the brand because after you buy a laptop, the brand is significant in your service.
I am telling you the names of some brands which are very famous and trusted and their service is also outstanding.

Laptop Buying Guide Infographic

Laptop Buying Guide infographic

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These are all technical things, and if you know the technical above, then you can choose any laptop, read the information above.

If you do not know anything above technical, then I have chosen to choose the best laptop for you, according to your budget and according to your work, you can select and buy now.

I hope you will get the Best Laptop after reading my article Laptop Buying Guide …After this, if you have any doubt, then I will be able to help you tell me the comments section.

If you select a Laptop which Laptop select plz tell us in the comments section. If you want to notification upcoming festival Sale, Deals offers, then follow us our Facebook, Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter. We provide all offers, coupons, deals or many discounts and helps you to choose the best products.



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