Best Hair Straighteners in India | Review, Buying Guide

Looking for Best Hair Straighteners in India?

You’re getting bothered to find the Best Hair Straighteners machine for you. Let’s get the solve this problem right now.

Your money is significant for you, and choosing the right hair straightener is difficult, but you definitely choose the right hair straightener. Otherwise, your money and hair will be harmed.

You need the best and the excellent hair straightening machine; otherwise, you will damage your hair. Don’t worry. We provide something for you today that will not break your hair or do harm, as well as work faster.

We have provided you with a full list of the best hair straightener machine all over the world. With affordable price and doesn’t even damage your hair. So, we give you a full list of the Best Hair Straighteners in India in the current market.

Best Hair Straightener Buying Guide and Tips

Heat Setting

Different types of hair straighteners need different settings. A perfect Hair Straightener allows you to set the temperature according to your requirement. But and some hair straighteners contain only an on/off button.


Depending on the temperature, the straightener can be classified on a variety of some of the basic. Some hair straighteners heat on setting between 360-380 and some 360-410 degrees. Different hair straighteners require different temperatures, so you should choose the right hair straightener.

Plate Material

Depending on the material of the plate, the product can be classified into different types. These are ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium. If someone is using a ceramic-based scale, it helps distribute heat over the product, and the hair will become softer than other dishes.

Titanium-based straighteners work best if the user’s hair is obese. It is also light and will be warmer faster than others. Titanium plate is another one that is hotter than ceramic. There is also an ionic charge that accelerates the whole process.

Based on the size

Hair straighteners come in different sizes :

  • 1” hair straightener,
  • ½” hair straightener
  • 1¼” hair straightener
  • 2” hair straightener

For perfect styling, the hair straightener’s correct shape is essential, and it causes less damage to your hair.


Texture of your hair

Different Hair Textures require different types of hair straighteners so that they look smoother. Hair texture matters a lot. If your hair is curly and thick, it will require high temperature, and if your hair is thin, it will need a low-temperature straightener.

Time to Heat up

Heat up time (Time taken to heat the hair straighteners plates is a heat-up time for Hair Straighteners) matters a lot if the heat up time is less, the better the hairstyling.


Which is the best hair straightener, it is a high temperature which works very well with efficiency. These products allow flexibility to choose between different temperature settings for different hair textures.

Width of the Plate

Always buy a straightener, which has plates made of metal because it heats the surface quickly and helps make the hair soft. Some hair straighteners use steam, making sure that no damage is done.

Top 10 Best Hair Straighteners in India

1. Philips HP 8302 Hair Straightener

Philips HP 8302 Hair Straightener

Philips HP8302 Essential Selfie Straightener is still another masterpiece from Philips that lists the best Philips straightener under 1500.

It is the perfect mix of tools to prevent styling and damage to your hair. It has a digital control for ceramic coated plate and temperature settings, making it easier and faster for you to styling your hair.

It has silkPRO care technology, which results in less heat and has an excellent performance. Its maximum temperature reaches around 210 degrees, which is used by professional stylists. Therefore, it is seen that you can look at the perfect salon without spending your hard-earned money in the comfort of your homes. It is one of the best hair straighteners in India.



  • Maximum 210°C Temperature
  • Philips HP8302 fast heat up time i.e. 60 seconds
  • Best quality Comes with ceramic coating
  • Two Years Warranty from the purchase date (Philips India)


  • has takes straightening more time in long and thick hair
  • Cord length small

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2. Philips HP8316/00 Kerashine Hair Straightener With Keratin Ceramic Coating

Philips HP831600 review

Do you always want hair straighteners who are styling your hair and prevent damage by exposing your hairstyle to the least heat?
Philips HP8316/00 Hair Straighteners is your go-to-hair straighteners when it comes to giving ultra-smooth shine.
It comes with additional features like an auto shut-off system, which allows the hair to straighten itself after the course has hot enough. The product’s heat-up time is relatively low, and therefore it is one of the most desired hair straighteners of 2019. It takes less than a minute to reach around its maximum temperature, i.e., 210 degrees.
The hair straightener’s high temperature helps to straighten and stabilize the thick and curly hair with maximum temperature. Philips offers all these facilities with a warranty of 2-years from the date of purchase.

if you are looking for Best Philips straightener in India then this hair straightener for you

Best Hair Straighteners Philips


  • Gives you straight hair natural-look
  • Hair stays straight for 2 days
  • lustrous shine
  • Keratin infused ceramic plates giving ultra-smooth shine.
  • 2 years Philips India warranty


  • It takes a lot of time to cool down
  • Cord length is small (1.8 m)

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3. Nova NHS 860 Temperature Control Professional Hair Straightener

Nova NHS 860

Nova offers a variety of beauty products that are the best, and you look your best.

If you want great hair every day, you should go to the Friend Nova Temperature Control Professional Hair Straighteners.

There are so many professional specialties that give you easy styling, like a salon in your homes! The product is a digital control for temperature and uses nano silver technology.

The latest technology that is used in this hair straightener causes excellent protection from harm to your hair. 

This hair straightener temperature was adjusted from 160 degrees to a maximum of 220 degrees. Its ceramic coating makes it possible to heat the plates in less than 30 seconds.

This made it such a great way that you can use it on wet hair worries without harm. It’s a perfect combination of styling and protecting your hair. Nova NHS 860 Temperature Control Hair Straighteners can also be customized for different hair textures using variable heat.

You are looking for nova brand Hair Straighteners in this Nova NHS 860 come Best Nova straightener in India.


  • Ceramic coating
  • Nanosilver technology
  • best for long and thick hair
  • variable heat settings
  • Heat up time: 60 sec
  • Temperature control from  90-210
  • 2 years of warranty from Nova


  • The heating system is not good

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4. Syska Superglam HS6810

SYSKA HS6810 Hair Straightener

You might have heard about Syska LED light and tube but do not know that they produce many personal care products for both men and women.

Syska Super Glam has outlined with a smooth, shiny full of the style’s extra component. Its plan makes it even easier to use and anticipate wounds. It additionally uses a hot-sized aluminum plate with high temperature, which damages forests and cools at moderate speed.

The aluminum plate uses the warm adjustment technique to give an equally hot plate to fix your hair. If you are looking for Syska brand Hair Straighteners, then in this Syska Super glam HS6810 come the Best Syska straightener in India.


  • Easy to use
  • Heat Balance Technology
  • Auto-off for overheat protection
  • Heat up time: 60 sec
  • Sleek design and travel-friendly
  • 2 years of warranty


  • Plate material not Good

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5. Philips Hp8318/00 Kerashine Temperature Control

Best Hair Straighteners Panasonic

The kind of hair straightener you’ve always seen in the dream, it’s here. Philips has brought one of your finest products for you, Hp8318/00 Professional Hair Straighteners, which gives you a fantastic look and smooth hair without any effort.

It comes with a ceramic coating associated with keratin, which is use, to activate the natural keratin in your hair and therefore gives it a splendid glow. Keratin is sealed in your hair and is protected by closing the cuticles with the heat produced by using these hair straighteners.

This hair straightener is one of the best hair straighteners, with all the main features like temperature control settings, ceramic coated plates, and much more. Philips offers all these facilities with a warranty of 2-years from the date of purchase. It’s another Best Philips straightener.


  • Gives you straight hair natural-look
  • Hair stays straight for 2 days
  • lustrous shine
  • Keratin infused ceramic plates giving ultra-smooth shine.
  • 2 years Philips India warranty


  • It takes a lot of time to cool down
  • Cord length is small 

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6. Kemei KM-329 Professional Hair Straightener

Kemei KM-329 Professional Hair Straightener

This professional artistic hair straightener and styler iron, which is designed for the use of the salon, is perfect for personal use at home. Kemei has brought one of your finest products for you, Kimi KM-329 Professional Hair Straighteners, who gives you an incredible look and smooth hair without any effort.

This ceramic comes with smooth plates that provide smooth gliding through your hair and allow the minimum amount of heat to be transferred to the strand of your hair, thus reducing the damage.

The product comes with a long-term safe cord, which helps provide flexibility and protects your cord—two years warranty on the product from the date of purchase.


  • Quick heat 30 seconds
  • The size of the plate is suitable for small hair.
  • Ceramic coated plates
  • Auto shut off to prevent heat damage


  • No warranty
  • Not Good for curly thick hair.

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7. Havells HS4152 Hair Straightener with Titanium Coated Plates

Havells HS4152 Hair Straightener

Havells HS4152 Hair Straighteners is the best hair straightener in India.

Hair Straighteners come with an instant heating feature. With this feature’s help, the user can use it quickly because the machine reaches its required temperature in a short time.

Whether you have dense hair or thin hair, the straightener easily adjusts the hair’s amount and length and smoothes them in no time. Since this hair straightener comes with long plates, it is perfect for all types of hair.


  • Quick Heating
  • Perfect Shiny Hair
  • Floating plates
  • Titanium coated plates 25×120 mm
  • 2 Year Guarantee


  • Good. But you do not use right way then hair gets entangled

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8. Remington S2002 Hair Straightener 

Remington S2002 Hair Straightener

Remington S2002 Hair Straightener is one of the best hair straighteners for smooth and shiny hair. Its Best Hair Straightener under 2000

Hair Straightener beautiful features that help in efficient styling your hair without any damage. 

This ceramic comes with smooth plates that provide smooth gliding through your hair and allow the input voltage of 110-240V.


  • Ceramic and Teflon coating
  • Plate width 30 mm
  • Heat Time 60 sec
  • the input voltage of 110-240V
  • Warranty 3 years


  • Service not good

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9. Panasonic EH-HW17P Hair Straightener

Panasonic EH-HW17P Hair Straightener

Havells will know the brand. So you are looking for Havells hair, then in this Syska Super glam S6810 come the Best Havells straightener in India.

Panasonic EH-HW17P Hair Straighteners is an excellent choice for looking for a complete Combination of Look and Performance. It comes in a shiny color and designed to give excellent results.

Perfect for a salon effect straitening for your hair. It also comes with temperature management settings, which allows you to set the perfect temperature for styling various hair textures.

Panasonic EH-HW17P Hair Straighteners comes at an affordable price with a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase. It also ensures that the skill of no harm straightens your hair. It comes at a low cost and is available on many online platforms.


  • Quick heat up at 200-degree celsius
  • Comes with storage cap
  • Compact size
  • Temperature Range: 120 – 230 Degree Celsius
  • 2 years warranty


  • Not good for thick hair

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Best Hair Straighteners in India

What should I look for when buying a hair straightener?

Before buying a hair straightener, you defiantly see these features- Texture of the Hair, Time for Heating Up, Temperature, Wet or Steam, The Width of the Plate.

Which is the best brand for hair straightener in India?

you find many more brands are providing hair straightener but some must famous and trusted brands are Philips, Nova, Syska, Havells, Panasonic and more.

Do hair straighteners damage your hair?

Yes, if you use Hair Straighteners daily basis, then your hair damage. Some boys and girls use Hair Straighteners regularly that wrong. So you don’t use daily, you use some party, events time or week one-time sufficient for you.

Does straightening you hair results in any side-effects?

If you are using hair straighteners on an as long time or daily basis, then you see some side effects. some of the side effects of using hair straighteners Hairloss, Skin rashes Frizziness, Dullness, and Irritations

Which Philips straightener is best?

We already provide the best Philips hair straightener. Check it out! Philips HP 8302, Philips HP8316/00, and Philips Hp8318/00.

What is the ideal and best temperature range for thin, thick, frizzy and hair types?

If you went the best hairstyle, then you need to adjust the heat setting and temperature of straightener for different hair types different.
Normal, medium and wavy hair- 310-390°F
For fine damaged or thin hair – 300°F
Curly, Thick or coarse and hair – 390-450°F

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Final Words:-

I hope you will get the Best Hair Straighteners in India machine you after reading my article…After this, if you have any doubt then I will be able to help you tell me the comments section.

If you use a hair straightener, then what kind of company it is and what its experience is, tell us in the comments section.


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