Jio Data Booster Plans : Increase Daily Data Limit

Your jio daily data limit is over? Now your internet speed is very slow, recharge Jio Data Booster Plans and boost your internet. Enjoy previous types of internet speed.

Your jio daily data limit over?

Now your internet speed very slow, so currently you can’t be browsing or watch videos on YouTube.

Khatam Bye Bye Tata Goodbyeūüėā

Don’t worry, jio provide you data booster plans, so you recharge this plan and enjoy previous types of data speed and watch videos at high speed.

Video Watch Jio Data Booster Plans

What is Jio data booster?

Jio data booster provided from jio for you. After your daily limit data over, then your internet speed 64Kbps. In 64kbps internet speed, you can’t browsing or watch videos on YouTube. So you need extra data. For extra data, jio provides jio data booster, or Jio add-on packs plans as you need.

For example, your daily limit data 1.5Gb and today over, and your need a small amount of data, you can recharge 15, then you get 1Gb. But price and data choose according to your need.

Jio Data Booster Recharge

Jio Data Booster plans are a great way to get additional high-speed internet. Jio plans are starting from Rs. 15.lots of jio data booster plans are available like Rs. 15, Rs. 25, Rs. 61 and Rs. 121, . You can check our jio data booster plans list.

Jio Data Booster Plans

Rs. 151GBExisting Plan
Rs. 252GBExisting Plan
Rs. 616GBExisting Plan
Rs. 12112GBExisting Plan

Jio Data Booster plan provide Rs. 15 pack. You get 1Gb data. You want 2GB data, then you can recharge Rs.25 pack, or if you need 6Gb data, then recharge Rs.61 plan and save Rs. 61 package Rs.14. You can calculate 2GB plans. And you can recharge a plan of Rs.121 then get 12Gb data.

Recently jio launched new jio additional plans to focus on work for home and you also recharge.

Jio New Data Booster Plans 2024

Rs. 18130 days30 GB
Rs. 24130 Days40 GB
Rs. 30130 Days50 GB

The jio plan of Rs. 301 you get 50GB of data for 30 days. And another plan, Rs.241 jio, provides 40GB of data for 30 days. And the plan of Rs.181 you get 30GB data for 30 Days,  but this plan validity Existing plan.

Jio 1GB Data Booster Plans

The jio 1 GB data add on pack comes the cost of Rs.15, this add on jio plan is the cheapest jio add on pack, if you want 1GB data then Recharge Plan Rs.15 And enjoy 1GB data.

Jio 2GB Data Booster Plans

Are you looking for Jio 2 GB data then Recharge Jio Rs.25 Plan. The Jio 25 plan comes with 2GB data.

Jio 6GB Data Booster Plans

The jio gives 6GB of Data at Rs.61 price. Jio Rs.61 plan offers 6GB data and validity currently active plan. If you want 6GB of data then Recharge the RS.61 plan and enjoy

Jio 121GB Data Booster Plans

The Rs.121 Jio add on pack give 12GB of data on the validity of existing plans. It’s one of the best jio add on plans.

Jio Data Booster Validity ?

The jio data booster validity plan for Rs. 15, Rs. 25, Rs. 61, and Rs. 121 jio provide according to your existing plan.

How to use Jio data boosters?

Almost everyone says, how can I use jio data booster plan? Simply, once you over your existing plan, then automatically start the jio data booster plan. For example, your daily data limit 1.5GB, so your jio data booster plan start over your existing daily plan of 1.5 GB for the day. So you can also get high-speed data after your daily limit over.

How to check Jio data booster balance?

Lots of methods available for check jio data booster balance but one of easy and best method check balance via the MyJio app.

Another method you check the jio data booster balance via SMS, so if you want to check the balance via SMS, then give a miss call on 1299 Or 1991.

So you can check deferents way to Jio data booster balance.

Which is the best Jio data booster pack ?

The selection of the best data booster plan for you depends on your requirements. If you’re requirements small data pack then go with a plan of Rs15, lots of pack plan available according to your requirements you can choose it.

Starting and most affordable plan pack is Rs.15 for 1GB. Or if you want 2Gb, then choose Rs.25 plan Or if you need 6Gb data, then with Rs.61 plan. If you need 12Gb data, then recharge Rs.121 plan.

So many packs are available on jio data booster plans, so according to your requirements, you can choose it. But remember, the most important things these all jio data booster packs are don’t come with any validity, so these plans validity depends on your existing plan.

Jio Phone Add On Pack 

If you use JioPhone and Looking For Jio Phone Data Booster Plan, these plans provide Jio special for Jiophone Users. You can choose according to your requirement data.

JioPhone Data Booster PlanDataValidity
Rs.262 GB28 days
Rs.626 GB28 days
Rs.860.5 GB/day28 days
Rs.1221 GB/day28 days
Rs.1822 GB/day28 days

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Data booster plan in Jio?

The jio data booster plan is provided after your existing daily data limit over high-speed internet. For example, if your daily data limit 1.5 and it over, now jio provides 64kbs of internet, but you need high-speed internet. Jio gives jio a data booster plan. You can recharge these plans and enjoy high-speed internet.

How can I boost my Jio data ?

Simply recharge the jio data booster pack according to your requirements, then automatically boost your internet speed.

What is Jio 61 booster plan?

It’s one of the most popular jio data booster plans because it provides a 3Gb internet price of Rs 61. If you’re requirements a good amount of data, then you can recharge this plan.

How can I get more data in Jio after 1.5 GB free ?

Yes, you can get more data; simply recharge the jio Data Booster pack then you can get high-speed internet.

What is the validity of Jio data booster ?

The jio data booster plans validity come with according to your current plan validity. Whenever your existing plan ends, then jio data booster plan also ends

What is jio add on-pack?

Jio adds on pack same to jio data booster plan when your daily data booster plan over, you add data via recharge jio booster plan according to your requirements.


I hope you will get the all information about Jio Data Booster Plans after reading my article…After this, if you have any doubt then I will be able to help you tell me the comments section.

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