Best Ice Cream brands in India

Ice cream is something that everyone like kidsyoung people, or senior citizen. All over the world, the most popular dairy product is Ice Cream. 

For ice cream no need for a session; anyone can eat every session. But when we go to buy Ice Cream, many Brands provide you ice cream, but the Best brand provides your Really test, high quality, to provide Amazing experience, but local brand ice doesn’t give all these. So in this post, we provide you Top 10 best ice cream brands in India.

Ice cream! This food almost everyone favourites, from kids to adults to older generation people. You can find this food, all places like big cities, small towns, villages with an available variety of flavour, colour, tastes, and texture come from deferent brands.

Most people eat ice cream in the summer season, but if you’re ice cream lover, then why you’re waiting? This food everyone eats every season. By the way, you are eating ice cream in the winter session; then, you get deferent tasty and amazing feelings. If you’re ice cream lovers, then must be try.

Now ice cream in India most loved and most popular foods. But whenever you go buy ice cream, you see many ice cream available from lots of brands, but every ice cream brand is not useful or every ice cream brand, not a bed.

So how to choose the best ice cream brands in India and which ice cream brands are best. Don’t worry, for this we here. Today we provide you Top 10 best ice cream brands in India.

Ice cream comes with many colourful, tasty, and various kinds of flavors. If you don’t like vanilla flavors, then go for strawberry or don’t like strawberry, then go for other, lots of flavorsice cream available, whatever if you like go for those ice cream.

Whether you think about creating a small party or treat your family or yourself or friends, ice cream is one of the great foods. These items help to everyone make cool.

Top Ice Cream Brands In India 

Ice Cream Brands in IndiaBrands
Amul Ice Cream brandAmul
Hindustan Unilever – Kwality WallsHUL
Mother Dairy Ice cream brandMother Dairy
Vadilal ice cream brandVadilal
Baskin Robbins ice cream brandBaskin Robbins
Naturals Ice Cream brandNaturals
Arun Ice creamArun
Creambell Ice Cream brandCreambell
Havmor ice cream brandHavmor
Giani’s ice cream brandGiani’s
Dinshaw’s ice cream brandDinshaw’s

Top 10 Best ice cream brands in India 2024

1. Amul

amul ice cream logo

Amul is the most famous ice cream brand in India. It established in 1996 at Gujarat and Headquarters in Anand, Gujarat, India. Founder by Tribhuvandas Patel. Amul brand marketed and managed by the Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd.

Today Indian Amul most favourite brand because it provides high-quality products at affordable prices and available all over India. This company provides allover the world largest producer fresh milk and milk-related items. its best quality ice cream brands in India

Moreover, Amul top Best ice cream brands in India and people love this brand ice cream because it provides unique deferent deferents flavored and types of ice creams. Also, those ice cream are delicious. You can find these brands ice creams every India outlets.

Amul Ice Cream Tagline- Real Milk Real Ice Cream


2. Hindustan Unilever – Kwality Walls

Hindustan Lever Ltd is a multinational and Dutch company. It manufactures some most well-known ice brands in India. This company ice cream is a variety of types and flavors with very tasty so that you can eat every occasion and party. Here we provide some of the ice cream brands come from this company.

Magnum: it’s well like ice cream brands in India, and it provides premium range icecream. And it also provides ice cream worldwide.

Cornetto: Cornetto is an Italian brand and owned manufacturer by the Unilever Lever. This company specially make and manufacture by India, and also It India’s most well-known ice cream brand. People love this brand ice creams because it provides outstanding quality and so tasty ice creams. One of the most popular ice creams comes from this brand chocolate, and vanilla mix flavor believes me so tasty that people love this ice cream.

Kwality Walls: Kwality Walls is most likely brands come from Unilever. This brand ice creams almost available 40 countries. Kwality Walls provides unique flavors and good quality, so people like everywhere.

3. Vadilal 

Vadilal started a small soda manufacturer in 1907 with a single outlet at Ahmedabad in 1926. Then started to ice creams manufacture. But now, one of the most trusted and famous ice cream brands in India. Nowadays, Vadilal providing over 50 variety of ice cream. Such as cups, cones, candies, family packs and many more.

Vadilal is prominent name of the Indian ice cream industry. It is a well-known brand in India because he provides fantastic ice cream and the brand ice cream you can find almost everywhere in India. This brand comes from India ice cream industry, one of the leading ice cream brands.

Most Popular Ice creams: Coffee Caramel, Mango, Cream n Cookies

4. Mother Dairy 

Mother Dairy is under the Indian government organization and owned by NDDB (National Dairy Development Board). Mother Dairy’s largest India milk and milk-related products provide. But now, Mother Dairy started expanding his business from products like food oil, fruits, vegetables through stores and outlets.

Mother Dairy provides the best quality ice creams and affordable prices, so it available all India; you can this brand ice creams.

5. Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins is a well-known ice cream brands worldwide. It’s American basic ice cream brands. This company available almost over 50 countries and after America, the second most popular country India. Currently, Baskin Robbins available in worldwide 7500 ice cream shop. Its Founders are Burt Baskin, Irv Robbins and Founded in 1975 at 130 Royall Street Canton, Massachusetts, U.S. its international ice cream brands in India

Baskin Robbins have own manufacturing store in Pune, India. This brand ice cream available almost everywhere in India. And you can find every India ice cream parlour this brand ice creams.

6. Naturals Ice Cream

Naturals Ice Cream most popular ice cream brands for produce fresh ingredients and pure Milk. It founded by Raghunandan S Kamath at Juhu, Vile Parle, Mumbai in 2020. And Owner by Kamaths Ourtimes Ice Creams Pvt. Ltd.

People loved this ice cream brands because it was providing delicious and natural products and at affordable prices without compromising any quality of ice cream.

Naturals Ice Cream brand started with one outlet but now expanded nearly 135 around in India. This company Tagline is “Taste the Original”.

Most Popular Ice creams: Coconut, Sitaphal, litchi, Chickoo, fig, Custard apple

7. Arun Ice cream

Arun ice cream brand is India’s Most well known ice cream brand, its owned by Hatsun Agro Product. Arun Icecreams headquarters in Tamil Nadu.

Arun Icecreams is most famous in 2 states. One is Tamil Nadu, and another is Odisha.

Arun Icecreams test is fantastic, rich and creamy!

Arun Icecreams most popular Ice creams are  Cups, Speciality, I Cone, Ice Creams Tubs, Bars,and More


8. Creambell 

Cream bell is the fastest growing ice cream brands in India. It established in 2003 with collaboration French dairy major Candia. This company hold approximately over 15% India ice cream industry market share. Currently, Cream bell provides in India 19 states on top 40 cities.the brands win lots of awards for his provide quality, testy and variety flavours.

The company provides a good range of ice cream—many of deferents ice cream with various types of flavours. So, Cream bell well like brands for providing the best quality products.

Most Popular Ice creams: Crunchy butterscotch, Sachmuch aam, Zafrani pista

9. Havmor 

Havmor now an Indian brand but this brand originally launched in 1994 at Karachi, Pakistan. it is very old ice cream brands so before India partition and re-established Havmor launched next India partition and re-established time Havmor founder Mr Satish Chona come to India, for them this brand Indian.

Nowadays, these ice cream brands come from the most popular ice cream brands in India. This brand provides unique flavours with high-quality products, so Havmor is among the top best ice cream brands in India. So if you’re looking for some best ice cream brands in India for party or event or wedding, then you can consider this brand.

Most Popular Ice creams: Hazelnut crunch, American nuts, Choco block cone

10. Dinshaw’s

Dinshaw’s establish around the year of 1992 by Dinshaw and Erachshaw Rana at Gittikhadan, Nagpur.Dinshaw’s providing many of ice creams category related items like kulfi, lollies, sugar-free ice creams, and fancy variants like sundaes, waffle cones, and more. 

This ice cream brands give you deferent of Amazing flavours and best quality ice creams. So people love this brand. 

Most Popular Ice creams: Anjeer badam, Black forest sundae

11. Giani’s 


Giani is a very well known ice cream brands in India. It launched in 1956 at Fatehpuri, Delhi. This brand not only provides icecream but also provides many of ice cream related items such as creams, kulfis, gelato, and many more. 

If you’re vegetarian then great, Giani is the best and perfect brand for you because giani provides you 100 percent vegetarian, so everyone one loved kids, young and adults. This brand comes from some of the best ice cream brands in India.

Most Popular Ice creams: Belgian chocolate, Coffee Walnut, Traffic jam

Other Popular Ice Cream Brands in India

We provide the top 10 best ice cream brands that are most popular and market leaders. And other many global wells famous ice cream brands are waiting for entry to our country.

And some American ice cream brand already operates ice cream parlour in top cities like Mumbai and Bangalore.

Another global largest food and beverages manufacturer, nestle brand Movenpick operates ice cream own parlour in megacities of India.

Unorganized Ice Cream Sector of India

India has a large unorganized Sector, Ice Cream category one of them. Ice cream made by unorganized Sector MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises ) also includes individual entrepreneurs.

Unorganized Sector are made various types Ice Cream with low prices such as start Rs.5, so unorganized Sector are a lead huge market.

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Which is the best ice cream brand in india?

We provide all top 10 ice cream best, so whatever you like under we provide brands, you can buy it without any worry.

Which brands of ice cream are real?

Dealroup provides all ice cream brands best and amazing, and all are real. If you’re looking for best top brands, then my personal favorite and also India no one brand Amul but if you are looking for natural ice cream, then go for Naturals Ice Cream brand, or if you want to vegetarian, then go with Giani’s.

Which is best ice cream flavors ?

Many ice cream flavors available in the market, but which is best, this answer gives you only you because of everyone’s deferent kinds of choice. So every ice cream flavors are best according to you which flavors you like.

famous ice cream in india ?

Many ice cream brands are famous in India. but which is best and famous don’t worry we provide all are best and also very famous ice cream brands in India.

Which is the best ice cream, Amul, Vadilal or Kwality Wall?

Both are very well brands according to you which brands you like.


I hope you will find the Best ice cream brands in India, after reading my article. We recommend you buy online, and then you get to save money. If you have any doubts, I will be able to help you tell me the comments section and live chat.

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