Best Biscuit Brands In India

If you’re looking for the best Biscuit for eating daily life, we are providing top Biscuit Brands In India to buy from these brands.

Indian national favourite snacks Biscuit and every Indian are tea-lovers, whatever situation no matter chilling winter night or Monday morning, Tea is the best solution to everything. So Indian favourite combination of Tea with Biscuit.

This article provides you top 10 vest Biscuit brands in India, so Let’s check out the top Biscuit Brands.

Top Biscuit Brands In India 2023

1. Parle Biscuit brand – World’s Largest Selling Biscuit Brand

Parle is the biggest and leading Biscuit brands in India with 7% of share the global biscuit market, and it started its journey in 1929 with 12 people, now 50,500+ employees. And its topmost selling Biscuit brands in the world.

Parle brands most popular Biscuit brands Parle-G, I think every Indian know about this Biscuit. And more Biscuit brands are like 20-20 Cookies, Happy Happy, Magix Creme, Hide & Seek, Milano, Monaco, Krackjack.

People love these brands because it provides nutrition and superior taste with value for money products. Parle not only provides Biscuit its also provide Bread, Biscuits, Rusk, Cakes and more.

Top Selling Parle Biscuits

Parle-G, 20-20 Cookies, Happy Happy, Magix Creme, Hide & Seek, Milano, Monaco, Krackjack.

2. Britannia Biscuit brand – Leading Biscuit Manufacturer in India

Britannia is the most trusted and most popular Biscuit brands in India. It’s made in India Biscuit brands. Britannia industry established in 1892, headquarters in Bangalore. Britannia India biggest Biscuit manufacturing and these brands most popular Biscuit brands such as Tiger, Good day, Marie Gold, NutriChoice, Milk Bikis and more. And these brands also provide Bread, Biscuits, Rusk, Cakes and Dairy products including Beverages, Milk, Cheese and Yoghurt

Moreover, Britannia industry brands Biscuit can find 50% of Indian households because these brands provide taste and unique style products. And Britannia industry top most selling Biscuit brands in India. So you definitely test one time Britannia Biscuits.

Top Selling Britannia Biscuits

 VitaMarieGoldTigerNutrichoiceGood day50 50TreatPure MagicMilk BikisBourbonNice Time and Little Hearts 

3. Sunfeast Biscuit brand

In July 2003, ITC came into Biscuit and cookies industry and launching a brand, the Sunfeast. Since then, Sunfeast brands one of the top-selling Biscuit brands in India with well-known brands in India. It provides high quality and quality due to people love these brands, and you can find every Indian household from this brands Biscuit.

These brands are manufacturing Biscuit, cream Biscuit, Glucose, Marie. It also provides oatmeal biscuits, digestive biscuits, cookies, etc. Sunfeast Dark Fantasy cookies most famous and so tasty, so you definitely one-time test.

Top Selling Sunfeast Biscuits

Dark Fantasy, Mom’s Magic, Farmlite Digestive

4. Anmol Biscuit brand

Anmol Industries Limited is a well-known brand in the biscuits, cakes and cookies industry. It has a unique tagline, “tasted tested and trusted”, this brand launched in 1998 and growing very fast because it gives a variety of products, very testy with good quality.

Anmol most popular in Northern and Eastern India. It’s famous for dry nut cookies, handmade chocolate flavored, and vanilla flavored biscuits. And provide a variety of biscuits like Dream Lite, Twinz, Veg Munch, Jadoo, Top Magic, Snack It, etc.

Top Selling Anmol Biscuits

2 in 1,Butter Twinz, Dream Lite, Jadoo, Veg Munch, Top Magic, Snack it.

5. Priya Gold Biscuit Brand

Priyagold is well a famous biscuits brands in India from past years. Today time it doesn’t hold a strong monopoly in the Biscuit category. But it’s made the excellent quality of Biscuits if you grow up past years them definitely eating this brands Biscuit. These brands provide a variety of biscuits from kids to older people. Priyagold biscuits have salty, sweet, and cream biscuits which all age peoples enjoy.

These brands provide the best cream Biscuit brands in India. Cream Biscuit brands Such as Marie lite, butter Delite, Snakker choco sandwich, choco Chekkers, buttermilk biscuits, club creme – choco/elaichi/ orange, cheese cracker, digestive, bourbon creme, etc

Top Selling Priyagold Biscuits

Marie lite, butter Delite, Snakker choco sandwich, choco Chekkers, buttermilk biscuits, club creme – choco/elaichi/ orange, cheese cracker, digestive, bourbon creme

6. Cadbury Oreo Biscuit brand

Are you looking for the best cream chocolate Biscuit? Then Cadbury Oreo Biscuit is one of the best for you. It’s one of the most selling Biscuits in India. Cadbury Oreo Biscuit and cookies are most popular in children’s but all age peoples have loved this Biscuit. It’s the best chocolate Biscuit brands, so if you like chocolate, then go for it.

This brand most selling and popular Biscuit chocolate Oreo, but it also provides other Biscuit like oreo lunchbox cookies, oreo cookies lemon, Oreo sandwich cookies, and more

7. Cremica Biscuit brand

Cremica Biscuit brand famous for taste and premium quality. It’s Biscuit loved all age types peoples. This brand provides healthy Biscuit so stay healthy and fit, then buy Cremica Biscuits.

This brand manufactures various types of biscuits such as digestive biscuits, digestive corn flakes biscuits, Marie classic, oatmeal cookies, and many more. Cremica oatmeal biscuits are made rich in oats which are excellent for tasty and healthy. If you’re a chocolate lover, then definitely test Cremica Magic Cream biscuit because it’s a fantastic cream Biscuit. Cremica a good you can buy this brand’s Biscuits

8. McVitie’s Biscuit brand

McVitie’s is one of the top Biscuit Brands In India. It provides a wide range of products, and this brand’s Biscuit are good quality and test. It provides many biscuits like oat cookies, butter cookies, digestive biscuits, and more. This brand of biscuits are high quality with health benefits.

McVitie’s is one of best selling Biscuit brands in India and the UK. It was established in 1830 and founder Richard McVitie.

9. Patanjali Biscuit Brand

Patanjali is the most popular brands for Ayurveda and famous for baba Ramdev. All Patanjali Biscuit tag lines “Prakriti ka Ashirwad” which means Boon to Nature. Patanjali provides trans-fat content, so many Nutritionists and doctors refer to Patanjali biscuits.

Patanjali provides Biscuit like chocolate biscuits, butter cookies, digestive cookies, Patanjali Doodh biscuits, and many more. Patanjali Biscuit are available on online so that you can buy them.

Top Selling Patanjali Biscuits

chocolate biscuits, butter cookies, digestive cookies, Patanjali Doodh biscuits,

10. Haldiram’s Biscuit brand

Haldiram’s is India topmost famous brand in India. It’s made high quality and amazing taste Biscuits. Believe me, one time you eat this brand biscuit, and then you eat another one because haldiram’s Biscuit are so tasty. This brand provides three types of biscuits sweet, classic, and salted.

Haldiram most popular brand for providing packed Namkeens, sweets, dry fruits, Diet snacks, pickles, Papad, and many other daily essentials products. This brand provides biscuits such as coconut biscuits, cookies ajwain, cookies, cookies badam Pista, etc.

Top 10 Best Selling Biscuits In India 2023

  1. Parle-G
  2. Mari Gold (Britannia)
  3. Oreo (Cadbury)
  4. Good Day (Britannia)
  5. Anmol biscuits
  6. Unibic
  7. Glucose biscuits (Sunfeast)
  8. Bourbon (Britannia)
  9. Cheese cracker (PriyaGold)
  10. Googly (Bisk farm)

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which is the No 1 biscuit in India?

Many biscuit brands are available in India and most popular. Parle, Britannia, Sunfeast, Cadbury are top Biscuit Brands and the most selling Biscuit in India. But according to your tastes you can buy

Which biscuit is best?

Every brand provides various types of biscuits and tests so according to you choose you can buy them. But Indian top Biscuit brands are available in India Parle, Britannia, Sunfeast, Cadbury.

Which is the largest selling biscuit brand in India?

Biscuit industry top competition, so every brand try to top the list but parle, Britannia brands are top-selling Biscuit from many years.

Which biscuit is best with tea?

Wow, Indian favorite combination of Tea with Biscuit so you can buy this brand’s biscuit Parle, Britannia, Sunfeast. These brand biscuits are so tasty with Tea.

Which is the healthy biscuit in India?

The reality is biscuits are not great for health, but some brands provide good for health biscuits like McVitie’s, Patanjali, Britannia, and Parle

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