Best UPI app in India 2023 For Safe Online Payments

Share with you the High Secure Best UPI app in India 2023, we provide UPI Apps Indian Most Popular and Trusted UPI Apps, and also these UPI Apps are I personally use.

Today share with you TOP High Secure Best UPI app in India 2023.

Now the whole of India is going digital. UPI plays a significant roll in the digital world. UPI full from Unified Payment InterfaceIt is a payment system developed by the NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India) in December 2016 on demonetization time. UPI help to cashless India.

UPI instant real-time payment system. In this system, you send money to one bank account to another bank account without any account number, IFSC code. It helps in instantly transferring money.

After lunch NPCI ‘s UPI payment system, all banks create her own UPI system. Not only banks but also create many more companies, but everyone follows RBI rules.

Every bank provides her own UPI App for Android, Windows, and iOS mobile platforms. Such as YONO SBI app, Axis Bank app, and more. But what is best for you?

In this article, we provide the Best UPI app in India. You need to choose the right UPI app use because this UPI system almost all control on your bank account, so choose the right UPI system; otherwise, you lost your money because, in the Online world, you see lots of fake UPI app available. But don’t worry. We provide the UPI payment app you decently use without any tension because we provide you the best and trusted app.

UPI payment sometimes you see money hold/pending ( means your bank account debited amount but not delivery another account). But we provide apps, not any issue of this type. In case you see these types of problems, don’t worry, this app is back your money under 24h with this UPI system are provided very well customer support.

What is UPI?

UPI (Unified Payment Interface) developed by NPIC. It’s work real-time basis work on mobile. It’s instantly sending funds between two bank accounts, but you need VPA(Virtual Payment Address) .this VPA I’d you create by BHIM app or any bank app. UPI through sending & Receiving money quick way, so it helps to Cashless India. UPI payment plays a significant role in India to make digital. So India’s digital system grow by day and night.

How UPI Payments Works :-

The UPI payment system works in many different ways.

VPA payment is a very popular method. In this way, you require VPA I’d. VPA I’d provide by the BHIM app or any bank app. In this method, you share your VPA I’d, so another Parsons though your VPA I’d payment. You also payment another Parsons VPA I’d through put MPIN code. This way to you shopping with Amazon’s, Flipkart and payment other platforms.

2.Mobile Number:-
Mobile Number a very well known method. You sand and received money through your mobile number. But you need first to register mobile number on the bank account, or you have already link mobile number then you sand and received through money registration mobile number—first-time configuration MMID(Mobile Money Identifier). Don’t worry, and this is a very easy process. You have we provide app installation and registration then already provided MMID(Mobile Money Identifier) way.

3.QR Code:- 
QR code(Quick Response Code), very popular, and everyone knows about it. One of the easy and best methods of payment through UPI. In this way, you can scan of QR code, give money, and give QR code for received the money. In this way, you don’t require a password, number, IFSC code, you nothing need. This way only needed a QR code.

4.Aadhar Number :
Guidelines of govt of India everyone needs to bank account link their aadhar card. So you send or receive money through aadhar card number. You must be linked aadhar card with a bank account.

5. Sharing Your Account Information:-
One of the old and common methods to received or send money sharing your account information, such as account number or IFSC code.

Advantages of UPI Payments:-

  1. UPI is a very easy and fast method to transfer your money to another bank account.
  2.  Payment through UPI very fast and 24*7 hrs without any changes.
  3. No need for any bank account number, IFSC code, and more. Only need VPA I’d.
  4. You can choose your unique creative UPI I’d.
  5.  You also though UPI payment recharge and much more.
  6.  UPI very secure payment method because it’s not required any Card number & CVV. You have only VPA.

Disadvantages of UPI Payments:-

  1. UPI daily transfer limits up to one lakh in every transaction. Every bank daily limit not one lakhs its depend on a bank to bank. But mostly bank is daily limit 1-2 lakhs.
  2.  It’s all UPI depends on the internet without an internet connection. Nothing works. But I think almost every person in India available on the internet because of jio.

Tips to Safe & Secure Use of UPI :-

  1. Never share your UPI or VPA I’d any annon person.
  2. Never install any UPI app which is not secure and treated. We provide treated and best UPI app you must-have install.
  3. Don’t approve any request on UPI.

List of Top Best UPI Apps in India

AppsReview & Rating
1PhonePe4.4/5 with 61,08,014 reviews
2Google Pay4.0/5 with 59,93,868 reviews
3Paytm4.4/5 with 8,314,705 reviews
4Amazon Pay4.4/5 with 78,46,966
5BHIM4.2/5 with 834,443 reviews



PhonePe most popular and top UPI app in India. Its work Digital wallet and e-commerce payment system. Flipkart parent company of Phonepe.

This app acquired by now Flipkart and its provides payment system UPI powered by BHIM UPI, Icici bank and yes bank. (you can use Every banks)

PhonePe founded in December 2015. It provides the fastest quick Money transfer and payment. So it makes your life easy day by day.

Phonepe provides services are Payment systems, digital wallets, mobile payments and online shopping. You can send and receive money through phonepe with recharge DTH mobile, data cards, make utility payments, buy gold and much more. All payment are phonepe provides through UPI and phonepe have owner phonepe wallet, so it’s made very fast money transfer.

Good news for you, phonepe provides lots of offers, cashback, so you save more money using Phonepe.


  • Easy and fast payment
  • All in one app (UPI, money transfer, recharge bill payment and more)
  • Secure and safe
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-Language available


  • Delay in Payment means sometimes payments are processing or pending. Every problem solved within 5-10 minutes but sometimes take 1-2 days. But don’t worry phonepe provides support very well so enjoy with phonepe


Useful feature

  • Receive and Send Money
  • Easy to Bank Account Balance Check
  • Digital Wallet
  • QR code Payments

Click Here to Download PhonePe


2. Google Pay (Google Tez)

google pay

Google provide UPI payment app by Google pay. Everyone knows about Google Tez but Recently change this app name Google Tez to Google pay. This app most use UPI app in India. It provides a very fast and easy way to send or receive payment.

Google pay tied up with four banks (ICICI Bank, State Bank of India, Axis Bank and HDFC Bank) in India to provide you VPA service. You also use every bank. Google pay UI very common and easy to use so that everyone can use it

Google pay don’t provide any digital wallet so you can sand and received money directly through banks. It’s good for you. Also, provides Recharges, bill payment, and more. 


  • First UPI app provides NFC technology.
  • Highly secure UPI app.
  • Chat before money transfer
  • Power by Google


  • At times payment are pending, but Every problem is solved within 5 minutes. My Personal Experience.


Useful feature

  • Many Cashback Rewards
  • Payment of bills, Rechange and More
  • Receive and Send Money
  • Scanning QR codes

Download click this button, and you must be put Referral code d3gf8r. So you get Rs 51 cashback on the first transaction.

Click Here to Download GooglePay


3. Paytm

Paytm of most popular, highest download and one of the India biggest digital wallet. It provides excellent UI and easy to use. Whatever if you want everything finds on Paytm because Paytm provides everything such as mobile Recharge, Bill Payment, Tickets booking, now add UPI system and much more. One place you see everything. First starting Paytm provides an only mobile wallet, day by day add more and more features.


Useful feature

  • Cashback Rewards and Discounts
  • Receive and Send Money
  • Payments, Mobile Recharge, DTH, Electricity Bills, Insurance, travel, and more
  • Stocks And Mutual fund investments
  • All Payment Services
  • Tickers Movies, Flight, Bus, Train, Car Bikes

Get Upto Rs.50-100 Cashback when Complete 1st Payment. (Use this Link. Just Click here)

Click Here to Download Paytm

4.Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is now the fourth biggest UPI app in India, useing by people. And it comes from Amazon, so don’t worry about safety. It’s totally fine. Moreover, Amazon Pay provides lots of Cashbacks, so you get save some money.

Amazon doesn’t provide you dedicated Amazon pay UPI App like other Apps, which has some advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage is that they don’t have a dedicated app for payments, but the advantage is Shopping time Amazon pay gives you lots of discounts, Cashbacks. And you also make Mobile Recharge, tickets booking, insurance All types of Bill payments like Electronic, DTH, and many more. It’s one type of Digital Wallet. One of the biggest advantages use this UPI,Amazon pay provides you every Transactions Rewards through Cashback. It’s Remarkable.


  • Amazon Pay Balance (Help to Shopping time Discount)
  • Highly Secure and safe
  • Easy to use
  • Easy and Fast payments
  • Mobile Recharge, DTH, Electricity Bills, Bills, Travel, Insurance, and many Mores.


  • No Dedicated UPI app

Download click this button, and you must be put Referral code MDXBMX. So you get Rs 75 cashback on the first transactio or won some amazing scratch cards on Amazon Pay.

Click Here to Download/setup Amazon Pay


This app comes from an official Indian government, the name of the app Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM). BHIM app easy to use because it provides beautiful UI and UX. BHIM app through your payment, recharge, bill payment, check balance, and more. This app simple and friendly app doesn’t add more features, but Gov’t app 99.9% safety.

BHIM launched by the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi on 30th December 2016 and developed by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India)


Tata Neu

TataNeu comes from the Indian most popular and trusted conglomerate Tata Group. It’s a Super App, but the most useful feature is UPI so that you can use it. In this app, you can transfer money and Payment. All provide UPI app features with come shopping, Fight booking, and Payment. All services are in one place. So if you are looking for the best and most trusted UPI APP, then use TataNeu.

TataNeu founded in 2023. It provides the fastest and higher Secure Money transfer and payment, so it makes your life easy

TataNeu provides services are Payment systems, Shopping, digital wallets, mobile payments, online Shopping, and more.

Good news for you, TataNeu provides many Offers, Coupons, and TataNeu Conies. Install TataNeu App and use our Referral code to get Rs. 200 Vouchers to install through the give button and signup into this Tata Neu app.

Click Here to Download TataNeu



CRED is most popular fintech company in India. It was founded in 2018 by Kunal Shah. CRED’s key use is to manage credit card and utility payments. And the CRED app is embedded as a payment option in most e-commerce platforms. So if you use the payment mode CRED app, then this app gives you high cashback and many offers. Now the CRED app is one of the most well-known UPI apps in India.

8. Jio Pay

Jio Pay UPI comes from India no1 company, Reliance. It’s available in the Myjio app, not provided a dedicated app for UPI.

Jio Pay provides UPI payments, Recharge, bill payments, QR code scanning, and many more. And give a passbook option so you can track your transactions activities.

If you’re jio users, then you can create Jiopay UPI through my jio app. Jio Pay is something new you can try.

9.More additional UPI Apps

At this moment, lots of UPI apps are available on the internet. Not possible to tell one by one app. Every UPI app works in the same system. I provide 4 UPI app is best, trusted, most popular and India most use UPI apps. Many UPI apps are available but not properly work, sometimes failed, or payment pending. If you want to use more UPI apps, then see this app- BHIM SBI pay, freerechage, mobikwik, and every bank UPI app you can use.

We recommend you use under these 4 UPI apps. I use personally Phonepe, Google pay, and sometimes BHIM and Paytm. These apps do not only provide payment but also give you extra features like recharge, bills payment, Online shopping, Booking bus flights, and many more features.

So we recommend the best UPI app phonepe because this app helps to your daily life. Phonepe all in one app, you find everything.

More UPI apps in India

  • MobiKwik : Google Play Store Rating: 4.2, total of 1,439,427 reviews

  • Whatsapp Pay: Newly Launched with the world most popular App.

  • BHIM SBI Pay: Google Play Store Rating: 4.2,and  3,69,819 reviews.
  • Kotak – Google Play Store Rating: 4.4, and 4,58,209 reviews.

Best Business UPI App in India

Are you looking for the best upi app for business then we solve your problem 

For business, you need to Business UPI and it also helps to grow your business and easy for payment receives.

Here are the top business UPI apps in India –

  1. PhonePe Business UPI
  2. Paytm Business
  3. BharatPe
  4. Google Pay Business
  5. Amazon Pay Business App

which UPI app is best for business?

We provide all are the best performance and highly secure Business UPI App but the Top most Popular are Paytm Business UPI, BharatPe, PhonePe Business UPI, And GPay business.

 if run a small or big business no matter, we provide UPI App are excellent performance and highly secure.

FAQs About Best UPI App in India

1. Which is the best UPI Apps in India?

This article provides this thigh best UPI App in India. We give you 4 highly secure and trusted apps.

2. Which UPI app is best and safe?

We provide four apps that are best and safe. Four apps Phonepe, Google pay, BHIM, and Paytm.

3. Which UPI app gives more cashback?

Best cashback apps, it depends on time to time. But average 1st Phonepe, 2nd Google pay, 3rd Paytm, and last BHIM. If you want to know which time comes offers, then stay tuned with Dealroup.

4. Can UPI be hacked?

It’s possible but very, very difficult 99% safe because UPI payment time doesn’t need any account number, IFSC code, or OTP, so this part makes it more secure.

5. Which is better Bhim or Google pay?

Both are equally the same, trusted, and safe apps. But according to offers, then win Google pay because Google pay provides Rewards to every transaction. But another way, then both are very well apps.

6. Best money transfer app India?

Money transfer app mostly and best way to use UPI through, so we already provided four UPI apps that are best for you.

7. Which is best payment app in India?

The payment app is work on UPI Basic. We already provided four apps that are best for you. These apps are highly secure and trusted.

8. Which is better PhonePe or Google pay?

It’s a very top question because both are excellent apps and provided many offers. We recommend both phonepe and Google pay use and come from any offer grab opportunity. I also use both apps.

9. What is the best to have, Net Banking or UPI App?

Both are her position excellent according to your need to use. If you need only payment under 1-2 lakhs, then UPI best, but you need more or Net banking allow to you see account statement or Fd and many more. Net banking gives you all account handle.

10. How many upi apps in india?

You can find many mores UPI apps in India. but ever UPI not best and safe, so we provide best and high secure list Best UPI apps in India.


I hope you will find the Best UPI app in India after reading my article. We recommend at last; you use 2 UPI apps. One of PhonePe and Google Pay, If you have any doubts, then I will be able to help you tell me the comments section .

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